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Tabler, Norman G. Transcript of Live Symposium Panel Discussion 4:
Talati, Erin When a Spoonful of Sugar Doesn't Help the Medicine Go Down: Informed Consent, Mental Illness, and Moral Agency 6:171
Tanner, Natalie J. Understanding the Disparity in Availability of Prescription Drugs in the United States: Compromise May Be the Answer 2:267
Taylor, Holly Legal and Ethical Considerations in Government Compensation Plans: A Case Study of Smallpox Immunization 1:1
Thompson, William H. Aligning Hospital and Physician Incentives in the Era of Pay-for-Performance 3:325
Tovino, Stacey A. Hospital Chaplaincy Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule: Health Care or “Just Visiting the Sick”? 2:51
Troyer, Glenn T. Governance Issues for Nonprofit Healthcare Organizations and the Implications of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act 1:175
Trubek, Louise G. New Governance and Soft Law in Health Care Reform 3:137