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Wagoner, Kyra R. Mandating the Gardasil Vaccine: A Constitutional Analysis 5:
Waltz, Amy C. Closing the Deal: Making the Right Congressional Decision About Patent Settlement Agreements 5:
Wazzan, C. Paul An Economic Analysis of the Impact of Pay-for-Performance Initiatives on Physicians, Patients and Insurance Providers 3:349
Controlling Medical Malpractice Insurance Costs - Congressional Act or Voter Proposition? 3:27
Wheeler, Malcolm E. The Case For Preemption: Why the U.S. Supreme Court and the Administration are Wrong to Curtail Implied Conflict Preemption 8:317
Wheeler, Shena T. Under the Influence: An Examination of the Tactics Pharmaceutical Companies Use to Manipulate Physicians 7:89
Williams, Jackson The "Shared Accountability" Approach to Physician Payment: Four Options for Developing Accountable Care Organizations 7:185
Williams, Jason L. Patient Safety or Profit: What Incentives are Blood Shield Laws and FDA Regulations Creating for the Tissue Banking Industry? 2:295
Wilson, Contessa M. Saving Money, Not Lives: Why the VA's Claims Adjudication System Denies Due Process to Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and How the VA Can Avoid Judicial Intervention 7:157