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Harvesting Organs from Minors and Incompetent Adults to Supply the Nation’s Organ Drought: A Critical Review of the Substituted Judgment Doctrine and the Best Interest Standard
Beth A. Schenberg
Health Care Reform in America: Beyond Ideology
George J. Annas
Health Should Not Be a Determinative Factor of Whether One Will Be a Suitable Adoptive Parent
Brenda K. DeVries
Hospital Chaplaincy Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule: Health Care or “Just Visiting the Sick”?
Stacey A. Tovino
Hospital Liability: Drawing a Fine Line with Informed Consent in Today's Evolving Health Care Arena
Shelley S. Fraser
Hospital Tax-Exemption and the Community Benefit Standard: Considerations for Policymaking
Bobby A. Courtney
Hospital-Physician Joint Venture Relationships – A Useful Tool to Improve Hospital Services
Steven H. Pratt
How Old is Too Old?: The Need for Federal Regulation Imposing a Maximum Age Limit on Women Seeking Infertility Treatments
Melissa Reynolds