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Laryngoscopes, Lidocaine, and Liability: The Absence of Immunity Protection for Prehospital Providers in Indiana
Meghan A. Cox
Law in Action: Learning Health Law through Experience with Stakeholders at the Patient and System Levels
Sarah Davis
Kathleen G. Noonan
Legal and Ethical Considerations in Government Compensation Plans: A Case Study of Smallpox Immunization
Ruth Faden
Naomi Seiler
Holly Taylor
Legal Methods for Medical Professionals Year 2: Shifting Negative Attitudes
Christine Nero Coughlin
Legitimate Expectations, Unreasonable Beliefs, and Legally Mandated Coverage of Experimental Therapy
Leslie Pickering Francis
Letting Lilliputians Sit at the Table: Providing Physicians with a Magnified Voice to Counter the Brobdingnagian HMO
Brandt R. Voight
Live or Let Die: Will the Courts Recognize In Terminally Ill Patients a Fundamental Right to Choose Non-FDA Approved Drugs or Does the FDA’s Stringent Approval Process Carry Sufficient Merit?
Clayton R. Portell