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Nanotechnology: How Voluntary Regulatory Programs Can Both Ease Public Apprehensions and Increase Innovation in the Midst of Uncertain Federal Regulations
Katie Miller
Negligence, Medical Malpractice, Vicarious Liability, or Patient Responsibility: Who Should Pay When a Patient Contracts MRSA from a Healthcare Facility?
Beth A. Barnes
New Governance and Soft Law in Health Care Reform
Louise G. Trubek
No Fault, No WorriesÂ… Combining a No-Fault Medical Malpractice Act with a National Single-Payer Health Insurance Plan
Jeremy Coylewright
Nonprofit Hospital Billing of Uninsured Patients: Consumer Based Class Actions Move to State Courts
David L. Nie
Nurses Providing Anesthesia Not a "Laughing" Matter: Why Indiana Should Not Opt Out of Federal Physician Supervision of Certified Nurse Anesthetists Requirements
Kyle K. Fairchild