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Paging King Solomon: Towards Allowing Organ Donation from Anencephalic Infants
Fazal Khan
Brian Lea
Patient Safety or Profit: What Incentives are Blood Shield Laws and FDA Regulations Creating for the Tissue Banking Industry?
Jason L. Williams
Pay for Performance or Compliance? A Second Opinion on Medicare Reimbursement
Richard Dolinar
S. Luke Leininger
Pay for Performance: Will it Work in Theory?
William M. Sage
Pay-for-Performance in Central Indiana
David E. Kelleher
J. Marc Overhage
Perspective on Economic Critiques of Disability Law: The Multifaceted Federal Role in Balancing Equity and Efficiency
Elizabeth Burleson
Physician Employee Non-Compete Agreements on the Examining Table: The Need to Better Protect Patients' and the Public's Interests in Indiana
Kevin D. Koons
Policy, Plain Language, and Legislative Purpose: Applying State Medical Malpractice Caps on Damages to Federal EMTALA Claims
Lauren N. Grattenthaler
Preemptive Legislation in the European Union and the United States on the Topic of Nanomedicine: Examining the Questions Raised by Smart Medical Technology
Emilee S. Preble
Prenatal Testing Gone Awry: The Birth of a Conflict of Ethics and Liability
Elizabeth A. Ackmann
Prolific Plaintiffs or Rabid Relators? Recent Developments in False Claims Act Litigation
Keith D. Barber
Neal A. Cooper
David B. Honig
Proper Preemption or Contrived Construction?: Why Section 360k(a) of the FDCA Should Not Be Interpreted to Preempt State Common Law Tort Claims
Travis P. Meek
Protecting Dr. Smith While Treating the Chronic Pain of Mrs. Jones: Why the Indiana Medical Licensing Board Should Pass Guidelines for Using Controlled Substances for Pain Treatment
Macon Jones
Putting Theory into Practice: Thoughts from the Trenches on Developing a Doctrinally Integrated Semester-in-Practice Program in Health Law and Policy
Michele Mekel