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Saving Money, Not Lives: Why the VA's Claims Adjudication System Denies Due Process to Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and How the VA Can Avoid Judicial Intervention
Contessa M. Wilson
Serving Economic Efficiencies or Anticompetitive Purposes? The Future of Group Purchasing Organizations and the Antitrust Safety Zone
Julie C. Klish
Slaying the Hydra: The History of Quack Medicine, the Obesity Epidemic and the FDA's Battle to Regulate Dietary Supplements Marketed as Weight Loss Aids
Katharine A. Van Tassel
Sound Constitutional Analysis, Moral Principle, and Wise Policy Judgment Require a Clear and Convincing Evidence Standard of Proof in Physician Disciplinary Proceedings
John J. Marchalonis
Roy G. Spece, Jr.
State Challenges to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: The Caste for a New Federalist Jurisprudence
Christopher B. Serak
State Innovation in Health Care: CongressÂ’ Broad Spending Power Under a National Health Care System will Stifle State Laboratories of Democracy
Tammy R. Murray
Stem Cell Based Treatments and Novel Considerations for Conscience Clause Legislation
Lucas Mlsna
Strained Applications of the Viability Standard to In Vitro Frozen Embryos—Deconstructing Jeter v. Mayo Clinic Arizona
Brock J. Heathcotte