Member Eligibility

Students become eligible for Law Review at the end of the spring semester of their first year of law school, regardless of day/evening or part/full-time status. A student must have at least four (4) semesters of law school remaining to be eligible for Law Review.


Transfer students must have completed at least twenty-five (25) credit hours (or the equivalent in other units), must have completed the Legal Writing and Research requirements of their former law school, must be ranked in the top 40% of their class, and must have at least four (4) semesters of law school remaining at Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law.

Students complying with these requirements may petition the Executive Board for acceptance to the Law Review. A petition shall consist of a completed writing packet, a resume and transcript from the transfer student's former law school, and if the student so chooses, a personal statement describing the reasons for the transfer, any special circumstances, or any other matter the student would like to bring to the attention of the Board.

Each petition will be reviewed by the Executive Board, and a decision will be rendered prior to the beginning of the fall semester. The principal factors in the Board's decision will be the student's skills as evidenced by class rank and writing ability and any special circumstances or considerations pertaining to the student.