Becoming a Member

Working on the Indiana Law Review is a great way to build your resume and put your legal writing and research skills into practice.

Note: Eligibility requirements are subject to change. Always seek the most current requirements before application deadlines.

All students join after their first year of classes, regardless of day/evening or part/full-time status.

 There are two ways to join:

  • If you fall within the top of your first-year class, you will be automatically invited to become a member of the Law Review. The percentage cutoff may vary (top 7-10% usually), check the most current information.
  • If you are within the top 40 percent of your class, you can obtain a membership invitation by participating in the joint writing competition.

Since we cannot determine who is in the top 10 percent until after the spring semester grades are received from the recorder in July, we strongly encourage you to participate in the Joint Writing Competition. If you don’t and your class standing turns out to be lower than you anticipated, you won’t be considered for Law Review membership.

Additionally, all applicants must also complete a "Candidate Information Form" to be considered for membership. This applies even if an applicant does not need or desire to complete the Joint Writing Competition.

If you have any questions about Law Review membership, please contact the editor-in-chief,, or 317-274-4039.

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