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This page has a brief biographical and historical note, activities, bar admissions, references, and other matters.

Short Historical and Biographical Note

My paternal grandfather was born to a farmer and part-time mailman in a mountainous village in western Greece, which he abandoned to get a high school education in nearby Messolonghi (famous for two legendary sieges by the Ottomans during the Greek revolution of 1821-28, in which suffered a very distant aunt of mine; they are better known for including the death in 1824 of romantic poet Lord Byron). A multi-day donkey ride to Athens allowed my grandfather to also obtain a legal education. His son followed his example as did I. We did differ about the location of our graduate work; I chose the US, my father Germany, and my Grandfather, France. My maternal Grandfather was part of the Greek diaspora, born in Constantinople, returning to Greece via Alexandria, Egypt, which was the base of the Greek Government-in-Exile during WWII. My mother studied in Oxford, St. Ann's College. Neither she nor any other member of that side of the family ever studied law.

I attended the The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens School of Law, which is named after the first Governor of independent modern Greece (1987, 1rst). The degree I received is named Law Diploma (Πτυχίο Νομικής). My school's namesake, Kapodistrias or Capo d'Istria,was an illustrious diplomat, privy counselor to the Czar of Russia Alexander and one of the principal  drafters of the Swiss Constitution. His Italian surname was due to his origin from Kerkyra (Corfu) which along with the other islands of western Greece, was still part of the declining Venetian Empire. After taking office in 1828, he was murdered in 1831, whereupon the Protector Powers (the British, the Russian , and the French Empires) had some second thoughts about democracy and installed a Bavarian Prince, Otto, to be the King.

I did my graduate work at Harvard Law School, where I became a Master of Laws (LL.M. 1988) and a Doctor of Juridical Studies (S.J.D. 1992). My master's thesis was about insider trading, and my doctoral dissertation was on the regulation of securities markets. Both were written under the instructive, patient, supportive, and nurturing supervision of Professor Reinier Kraakman. After a brief post-doctoral appointment as a Senior Fellow at the Graduate Department at Harvard Law School and a previous stint at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz in NYC, I was appointed Associate Professor of Law at the University of Connecticut School of Law in Hartford in 1993. In 1998 I was promoted to Professor of Law and received tenure. In 2002 I was appointed Professor of Law at Indiana U. Law School, at the Indianapolis campus, which combines both state universities, IU and Purdue, into the IUPUI powerhouse.

Along the way, I had children. They are the best kids and very photogenic!

Bar Admissions

New York, 1989 (inactive). Athens, Greece, 1992 (inactive, including reciprocal E.U. admission).


Fluent in Greek. Conversant in French. May still remember some German.


Some might find the macros and programs that I write useful, so I have decided I should make them available. 

Wine and Food: Wine-cellar design, the maintenance of forged knifes with wooden handles, cutting boards, food thermometers, unfiltered Burgundies from '83 and '85 (particularly Ph. LeClerc, also Drouhin and Pierre Bourée), bidding strategies in wine auctions, french fries, tournedos Rossini, Chateaubriand, Sole meuniére, seared mahi-mahi, Greek deserts, soufflés (pictures), particularly chocolate with real creme anglaise. I have recently added baked alaska flambe to the repertoire (show me the remnants!; see the movie).

I used to do other things too, such as sail, ski, scuba-dive, and play competitive bridge, but then I had children. Flambé foods became the highest risk activity of that period. Particularly in the case of bananas foster; the flame is about 4 ft! Now that my kids are becoming somewhat independent, I find myself playing computer games with them, sailing, and playing bridge but only online (OKBridge).

These days I still try to commute to work by bicycle (but not any more vry regularly and certainly not in the 15oF weather)! I had last used a bicycle for transportation in 1980-83 and the technological changes are spectacular, not only on the bicycle (10 gears in the back by 3 in the front; special anatomically protective and comfortable seats, gear-shifters incorporated in the handles or brake levers), but primarily in the clothing. From the efficiently ventilated helmets to the summer fabrics which seem to negate heat, to winter wind-blocking fleece that still wick sweat away to keep one dry, the effect is completely different than it was almost twenty years ago. Check out Cannondale for bikes and Seven for custom titanium; Pearl Izumi for clothing, or shop at PerformanceBike. Remember to stretch!

Friends keep sending me funny stuff. I put some pictures here, material for parents here, and some Zen paradoxes here.

Bridge players, contact me to play at OKBridge.

Don't miss my rotating 3D graphs

Also, check out the computer art of MIT Professor Maeda! I think most fun are his Java Shiseido calendars. On the topic of computer art, check out the animations at Animation Express, and the new media of LA frewaves.

Looking for bow-ties? Try Beau Ties Ltd, here.

I juggle a very little bit but am interested in siteswaps. MIT's Allen Knutson had a program for exploring the concept but it is gone.

Frustrated by surprise arrivals of eastern and western Easters, I implemented this page that gives both as well as Passover.

My son and I were recently diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit). You can read about my experience here. Try the CHADD.org page with further links.