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This is my growing collection of animated three-dimensional graphs. Clicking on each shows the explanation of it.

Informed Profits With and Without a Prohibition of Insider Trading

Race Profiling: Judicial Error and the Distribution of Convicted Innocent (move with mouse)

See the explanation.

Race Profiling: Disagreement about Criminalization between Majority and Minority due to the excess Investigation of Minorities (move with mouse)

This graphic (which you can move with the mouse, like the one above) does not have a separate page, or an extended legend. The idea is that with a maximum penalty, the minority that is investigated more heavily suffers. The insufficient penalty cannot induce sufficient deterrence and the minority prefer to decriminalize the conduct. This, like the previous, are from my article "Unintentional Police Race Profiling" at the International Rev. of L. & Econ.

The Capital Market Valley

The Time-Decay of the Value of Call Options

The Call Option Valuation Wedge

The Reaction of the Risk-Averse to the Speed of Legal Change

Flying an X-Wing Fighter through the Capital Market Canyon

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