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Greece 2003

Of course, we stayed near Athens for a while. The big news is that we finally managed to stay for almost a week in Santorini.

Santorini is a semi-circular island formed from the rim of a volcano. The volcano destroyed the Minoan civilization (cf. the myth of the Minotaur) at about 1650 BC and may have caused clouds and a massive tidal wave (we heard reports of up to "over 150 feet tall"). The cloud and the wave may be accountable, respectively, for the red waters of the Nile and the destruction of the army of the Pharaoh behind Moses after the Israelites crossed the waters when leaving Egypt.

We also visited the ruins of a thriving prehistoric city on the island. The city has been recently found and is considered to correspond to the lost Atlantis. The impression that it would be located in the Atlantic Ocean is attributed to an error when reports of the city were brought back to Greece from Egypt without proper adjustment of the reported unit of distance. In the picture you should be able the sunset lighting this lucky vacationer, who sits on top of a wall in a village perched on the rim of the volcano.

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