For overviews of the field of health law, see Symposium, Rethinking Health Law, 41 Wake Forest L. Rev. 341-618 (2006); Mark A. Hall, The history and future of health care law: an essentialist view, 41 Wake Forest L. Rev. 347-364 (2006); Einer R. Elhauge, Can health law become a coherent field of law? 41 Wake Forest L. Rev. 365-390 (2006); Henry T. Greely,  Some thoughts on academic health law, 41 Wake Forest L. Rev. 391-409 (2006); The Law-Medicine Center 50th Anniversary Symposium: The Field of Health Law: Its Past and Future, 14 Health Matrix 1 (2004); Mark A. Hall and Carl E. Schneider, Where is the "there" in health law? Can it become a coherent field?, 14 Health Matrix 101 (2004); Ken Wing, Letter to the editors of Health Matrix, 14 Health Matrix 237 (2004); Timothy Jost, The Uses of the Social Transformation of American Medicine: The Case of Law, 29 J. Health Politics, Policy & L. 799 (2004).

Prof. Sidney D. Watson has created a syllabus and exam bank for health care law, on the St. Louis Univ. web site.  Professors may obtain password-protected access by contacting

Here is a listing of health law reviews maintained by the American Health Lawyers Association.
New health law journals include:  Minnesota J. L. Sci. & Tech., starting in 2006;  Indiana Health Law Review, published by the Indiana Univ. (Indianapolis) School of Law, starting in June 2004; and J. Health & Biomedical L., published by Suffolk University Law School  beginning in 2004.
Health Eocnomics, Policy and Law is a new health policy journal, published by Cambridge Univ. Press, and the on-line Social Science Research Network as a new working paper abstract journal, Health Care Financing and Delivery.

The health law has entered the blogosphere, at these engaging blog pages:  -- maintained by  Beth Malloy (Cincinnati)  and Tom Mayo (SMU) -- maintained by Ed Richards (LSU)
Managed Care Matters, a weblog on health policy by Joseph Paduda.

The NIH maintains a website for Bioethics Resources on the Web

The Am. Health Lawyers Assoc. maintains a set of web pages for health law professors.

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