The Center for Intellectual Property Law and Innovation is active in all areas of intellectual property law, including patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and right of publicity. The primary mission of the IP Center is to promote student education and scholarship in intellectual property and to increase the number of our graduates with a strong foundation in intellectual property law. By developing new curriculum and providing eclectic instruction in various areas of intellectual property law, the IP Center contributes to the growth, development, and protection of innovation.

The IP Center's broader goals and objectives include advancing the law of intellectual property, advocating and stimulating reform through scholarship and programs, and providing meaningful, non-redundant assistance and support to the numerous constituencies in various areas of intellectual property law, including inventors, authors, artists, corporate IP departments, IP owners, IP litigators, judges, legal academics, university research departments, consultants, experts, and others.

The IP Center promotes student education and scholarship in intellectual property, providing an extensive IP curriculum taught by an eclectic faculty of full time and adjunct professors.   The IP Center has been successful in obtaining approval for a Graduate Certificate in IP law for JD students, establishing a patent law AIPLA moot court team, creating a student awards program for outstanding IP students, instituting an IP Center Distinguished Speaker Series, facilitating new IP internships and externships for IP students.   Among its many other initiatives, programs, and events, the IP Center holds a major annual symposium, each dealing with cutting edge IP issues and attracting internationally acclaimed IP figures.  The IP Center has also established an international outreach initiative, meeting with groups of IP specialists from around the world.   Our IP graduates include award winning private practitioners of patent, trademark, copyright, and right of publicity law, chief patent counsel of Fortune 500 companies, and IP litigators and counselors throughout Indiana and the nation.

We invite you to visit or contact us to discuss your interest in Intellectual Property Law. You can call the Center directly at 317-278-4736 or email Executive Director John R. Schaibley, III at