Intellectual Property Law Graduate Certificate

Students may pursue a Certificate in Intellectual Property Law by completing a minimum of 15 credits in IP courses, including three core classes, as well as completing an IP research paper, and maintaining a 3.2 GPA* in the IP courses applied to the concentration. (see lists below).

Required Core Courses:

Intellectual Property Law (not required only if a student completes separate courses in Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Law)
Copyright Law or Patent Law or Trademark Law
A third course from above, or Patent Prosecution or Patent Litigation or IP Transactions and Licensing or Right of Publicity or Internet Law.

Elective Courses:

Administrative Law
Antitrust Law
Art and Museum Law
Biotechnology and Law
Copyright Law
Drug Innovation and Competition Law
Entertainment Law
Food and Drug Law
Intellectual Property of Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices
Intellectual Property Transactions and Licensing
International Intellectual Property Law
Intellectual Property Law Litigation
Intellectual Property Valuation
Internet Law
Law and Technology Seminar
New Genetics: Ethical, Legal and Policy Issues
Patent Law
Patent Litigation
Patent Prosecution
Right of Publicity
Sports Law: Individual, Amateur and Olympic Sports
Sports and Entertainment Law
Trademark Law
Unfair Trade Practices

Writing Requirement:

All candidates must complete a major research paper on an intellectual property law topic. Students may meet the writing requirement in one of three ways: 1) completion of a law review note that is approved by an IP core faculty member on an intellectual property law topic for one of the law school’s student-run journals; 2) completion of a paper approved by an IP core faculty member written for any of the approved elective courses listed above; 3) completion of a paper for any class or independent study if the student obtains the prior written approval of the Director of the IP Center.

*GPA note: In the case of a student who takes more than the minimum number of qualifying courses, the student's best grades in those courses will be used to calculate his or her IP Law GPA.

Declaration of Intent

Students who have decided to pursue the concentration must complete an Intent Form. Students will be encouraged to declare their intent between the end of the first year and the beginning of the second year (day students) or during the second year (evening students).

Awarding the Certificate (Recognition of the Concentration)

The IP Certificate has been approved and students who complete the requirements above will receive a separate degree, i.e. IP Graduate Certificate. Prior to the Graduate Certificate approval, students who completed the requirements saw documentation of the IP concentration included on their official law school transcript.


For additional information, contact the Center Director, John R. Schaibley at or (317) 278-4736.