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Law School Students Participate in Sino-U.S. Forum in Beijing


Professor Tom Wilson (center) with students and faculty from Renmin University of ChinaStudents at the Indiana University School of Law—Indianapolis participated in the inaugural Sino-U.S. International Forum for Law School Students on June 6, 2010 at the Renmin University of China (RUC) School of Law in Beijing. The Forum was organized by IU School of Law—Indianapolis Professor Lloyd T. Wilson, Jr. and RUC School of Law professor Ding Xiangshun. The Forum was sponsored by the Joint Center for Asian Law Studies—a partnership of IU School of Law—Indianapolis and the RUC School of Law—and was held in conjunction with the IU school’s Chinese Law Summer Program.

At the Forum, six RUC law students and nine U.S. law students made presentations concerning various aspects of their legal education. Eight of the U.S. presenters are students at IU School of Law—Indianapolis: Erin Albert, Michael Carter, Michael Gabelman, Melinda Mains, Jeremy Parker, William Singer, Mark Shope, and James Zinger.

An international panel of experts led discussions relating to each student’s presentation. In addition to Wilson and Ding, the panelists were: Niu Wenjie, Director, China Securities Depository & Clearing Corp. Ltd.; Xue Haibin, Solicitor and Partner, Zhonglun W D Law Firm; Stephen Leonard, British international law expert and adjunct professor at RUC School of Law; Keith M. Brandt, Senior Partner, Beijing Office of Hommonds Law Firm (U.K.); Andrew Lin, Partner of Blacklaw LLP, Irvine, California; and Charles Wharton, Harvard Law School.

The Forum was “a terrific opportunity for our students,” Wilson said. He explained that “at the beginning of the summer program, RUC and IU students were paired in mentor/mentee relationships, which enabled them to make friendships and engage in informal conversations about their legal education.” In addition, “the students’ presentations were videotaped and their transcribed remarks will be published by Professor Ding and made available to law schools throughout China.”

IU School of Law - Indianapolis student Mark Shope added, "The Sino-U.S. International Forum for Law School Students at Renmin University was a wonderful opportunity for students from both sides of the Pacific to learn about the similarities and differences in ideas and experiences of aspiring legal professionals. For those of us who want to enter the workforce as an attorney with a nuanced approach to matters of international interest, these types of exchanges are priceless. For those who may choose a career that does not include international elements, these types of exchanges are important so that we may learn to see the world through different eyes. These exchanges helped me personally become more well-rounded, open-minded and culturally aware."

A second Sino-U.S. International Forum for Law School Students is planned for June 5, 2011.

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