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IU School of Law-Indianapolis Professor Leads International Conference


IU School of Law-Indianapolis professor Lloyd T. Wilson, Jr. organized and led an international conference at Renmin University of China School of Law in Beijing. The three-day Sino-U.S. Conference on Real Estate Law featured two days of lectures by real estate law professors from the U.S., followed by a day of lectures by Chinese professors, finance officials, and government regulators.

The U.S. professors and their topics were:

  • Daniel B. Bogart, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Administration, Chapman University School of Law—The Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing in Commercial Leases
  • Carol N. Brown, Professor of Law, University of North Carolina School of Law—The Impact of Subprime Mortgage Lending on Minority Borrowers
  • R. Wilson Freyermuth, Professor of Law, University of Missouri School of Law—A Case Against the Enforceability of Private Transfer Fee Covenants
  • Gregory M. Stein, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Faculty Development, University of Tennessee College of Law—Comparative Real Estate Finance: China and the U.S.
  • Lloyd T. Wilson, Jr., Professor of Law, Indiana University School of Law—Indianapolis—Community Land Trusts in the Context of Foreclosure and Property Abandonment

The U.S. speakers are the current (Freyermuth-2010), past (Wilson-2009, Bogart-2008, Stein-2007) and in-coming (Brown-2011) Chairs of the American Association of Law Schools Section on Real Estate Transactions.

The Chinese speakers included:

  • Ding Xiangshun, Assistant Dean and Professor of Law, Renmin University of China School of Law
  • Luo Chuanwei, Senior Partner, Beijing Bastion Law Firm
  • Li Xianming, Senior Partner, All Bright Law Firm
  • Chen Yupeng, Secretary General, China Trustee Association
  • Shen Weixing, Professor of Law and Vice-Dean, Tsinghua University School of Law;
  • Wang Yong, Professor and Director of the Commercial Law Institute, China University of Political Science & Law;

According to one Chinese official who attended the Conference, real estate development in China is occurring at a “tremendous pace,” which raises diverse issues ranging from displacement of low-income residents to concerns about the stability of the real estate market. Wilson noted that “many of the issues facing the real estate industry in China are similar to issues we face in the U.S.” He added, however, that “our responses to those issues take different forms given the public ownership of all land in China’s cities.” “The interplay of commonality and difference made for a fascinating conference,” Wilson concluded.

A similar Sino-U.S. conference is planned for early June 2011. The 2010 Conference was sponsored by the Joint Center for Asian Law Studies, a partnership of the Indiana University School of Law—Indianapolis and the Renmin University of China School of Law.

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