Professor Quigley, '87, Speaks in Support of Striking Fast-Food Workers in Local, National Media


Professor Fran Quigley, ’87, offered expert commentary on the movement to raise the federal minimum wage in a story which appeared in the Indianapolis Star on August 30, and in this Associated Press (AP) story which was published nationally on August 28. He also spoke with reporter Mike Wilson of radio station WIBC for a story that was broadcast August 29.

There are an estimated 33,000 fast-food workers in Indianapolis earning an average of $8.67 an hour, Professor Quigley told the Indianapolis Star. “It’s bad for our community when people who are working full-time hours don’t earn enough to pay their bills and support their families,” Quigley said in the AP story. “It really is a violation of the American dream that someone who works hard all day can’t make enough money to pay their living expenses and support their children.”

Professor Quigley is a clinical professor of law and teaches in the Health and Human Rights Clinic. His forthcoming book, Victory is for the People: How Human Rights Can Save Haiti, will be published by Vanderbilt University Press next year.

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