Book Co-Edited by Professor Cynthia Baker Topic of Blog Post


The book, “Town and Gown: Legal Strategies for Effective Collaboration,” published by the American Bar Association, is the topic of a post written by Professor Patricia Salkin on the blog, The Faculty Lounge. Salkin is the book’s co-editor with IU McKinney Professor Cynthia Baker.

The blog post points up the value that law schools offer their host cities and towns in the services they offer to people who have unmet legal needs, often through law school clinic programs. The post offers practical examples from the book that back up that point.

Two IU McKinney alumni contributed chapters to the book. Heather McCabe, '03, contributed a chapter titled, "Mental Health and Tobacco: Case Studies in Campus Health." Emily Benfer, '05, contributed a chapter titled, "Interdisciplinary Health Partnerships between Graduate Schools and Host Communities."

Professor Baker is a clinical professor of law and director of IU McKinney’s Program on Law and State Government.

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