Health Care Lawyers Expected to Remain in Demand Through 2020


Health care law is expected to remain an in-demand area of practice through at least 2020, according to an article in the September 2013 issue of The National Jurist.

The article cites sources who have examined demographic, technological and global trends and breaks areas of practice into three areas: super hot, hot, and somewhat hot. Other practice areas expected to be in demand also are listed.

Health care law leads the super hot category, and elder law is considered a strong related practice area. This echoes a story on the law school's website from summer 2013 in the Wall Street Journal, which noted that the demand for health law lawyers is expected to remain strong.

“Health law is one of the fastest growing areas in the legal market today,” says Professor Diana R.H. Winters in IU McKinney’s video about the Hall Center for Law and Health.  teaches torts, introduction to health law and policy, environmental law, and food and drug law.

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