Jurist Says Voter ID Decision Wrong, New York Times Blog Quotes Professor Quigley on the Issue


Professor QuigleyIf he understood then what he understands now, 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner has said he would have decided the case concerning Indiana’s Voter ID law differently.

The 2005 law requires voters to show a photo ID at the polls. It was upheld by the 7th Circuit in 2007, and the United States Supreme Court in 2008. Judge Posner’s comments on the law and how he reached this new conclusion are part of “Taking Note,” the Editorial Page Editor’s Blog on the New York Times website. Judge Posner blames a lack of information regarding the abuse of voter ID laws for the decision.

The blog goes on to quote Professor Fran Quigley, who said in his commentary that appears in the alternative weekly newspaper Nuvo, that “the burden should have been on the State of Indiana to prove the law was necessary, not the challengers to prove how it would trigger abuse.”

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