Professor Boyne's Book on the German Prosecution Service Published November 30


Professor Shawn Boyne’s latest book, The German Prosecution Service: Guardians of the Law? was published on November 30 by Springer Publishing.

The German prosecution system is often labeled as the most objective in the world; Boyne’s aim was to look at whether this is true, and consider what factors go into the nation’s view of objectivity. Three years of research conducted in Germany went into the book, Professor Boyne said. She observed the workings of 15 different prosecutors’ offices, and interviewed more than 150 defense lawyers, prosecutors, and judges. In addition, she was privy to closed-door meetings conducted with judges,

“I don’t define objectivity,” Boyne said of her book. “I use their words,” referring to the lawyers and judges whose work she studied.

Unlike the American adversarial system, German prosecutors don’t consider a conviction a win. The aim of German prosecutors is to determine the truth of a case, regardless of the outcome.

Professor Boyne’s research was partially funded by a John S. Grimes Fellowship as well as an IUPUI Developing Diverse Researchers with InVestigative Expertise (DRIVE) fellowship. In addition to being a Dean’s Fellow, she is co-chair of the Global Crisis Leadership Forum.

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