Professor Boyne Comments on Local Case Getting National Attention


Professor Shawn Boyne offered commentary about the Bei Bei Shuai case for a story that appeared in the January 6, 2013, Indianapolis Star. The story was subsequently published in USA Today.

Shuai is accused of murder and attempted feticide in the January 2, 2011, death of her 3-day-old infant. Shuai was pregnant and tried to kill herself by eating rat poison. The case has generated national attention by those who point to it as an example of gender discrimination and an attack on women’s reproductive rights. Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry, '78, has said the facts of the case left him with no choice other than to file charges against Shuai.

Shuai is being defended pro bono by Linda Pence, '74, who argues that her client’s intent was to commit suicide, and that it is not certain that the baby died as a result of the rat poison.

Professor Boyne said in the article that she doesn't see what merit there is in bringing the case against Shuai.

“In my opinion, there are other more serious individuals out there committing violent crimes that should take precedence over this prosecution,” Professor Boyne said in the story.

Professor Boyne is a Dean’s Fellow, a Grimes Fellow, a DRIVE Fellow, and co-chair of the Global Crisis Leadership Forum. Early in her career, she served as a senior trial prosecutor for the state of New Mexico, and worked for several years as a defense attorney.

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