Professor Quigley Publishes Op-Ed on Haitian Cholera Outbreak in Indianapolis Star


Professor Fran QuigleyProfessor Fran Quigley, ’87, published an op-ed piece in the Indianapolis Star October 22, commemorating the unfortunate anniversary of the cholera outbreak in Haiti in October 2010.

Titled “Will UN finally take responsibility for cholera outbreak in Haiti?” the column recounts the experience of a woman Professor Quigley met on a visit to Haiti in 2012 who contracted the disease during the outbreak, which killed 8,000 Haitians. Cholera was unheard of in Haiti before United Nations troops triggered the outbreak by dumping untreated, infected human waste into the primary river there. The UN has not accepted responsibility for the outbreak.

Professor Quigley is a clinical professor of law and teaches in the Health and Human Rights Clinic. His forthcoming book, How Human Rights Can Build Haiti: The Lawyers, the Activists, and the Grassroots Movement, will be published by Vanderbilt University Press in 2014.

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