Professor Winters Op-Ed on FDA Appears in Food Safety News


Professor Diana R.H. WintersProfessor Diana R.H. Winters' recent op-ed, “FDA Should Expand Focus and Adopt Food Systems Approach to Safety” appeared in the online news outlet Food Safety News.

In the piece, Professor Winters praises the Food and Drug Administration for its ability to identify threats to the food supply, while criticizing it for its inability to do “anything else regarding food.” She takes the FDA to task for its narrow conception of what food safety actually means, and argues that Congress needs to” rethink the FDA’s mandate when it comes to what we eat, broaden its definition of food safety, and allow the agency to adapt to the problems of the 21st century.”

Professor Winters is an Associate Professor of Law and a Dean’s Fellow. She teaches torts, introduction to health law and policy, environmental law, and food and drug law. She joined the faculty at IU McKinney in 2012.

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