IU McKinney Library Professor Continues Work in South Africa


Catherine LemmerIn her latest blog post, IU McKinney School of Law Professor Catherine Lemmer recounts her longstanding affinity for literature from Africa, fiction and nonfiction alike.

The opportunity to indulge this affinity is heightened by her work at the Legal Resource Centre (LRC) in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, where Professor Lemmer is working on a six-month assignment as a Senior Library Fellow. She is working to modernize LRC’s libraries, organize the collections, and procure the technology lawyers get accustomed to using in law school and require for practicing law. She notes that two of her LRC colleagues are “bibliophiles of the highest order and continue to loan me copies of wonderful works.”

In a previous post to her blog, “Right Angle Resume,” she recounts her efforts to find affordable legal information services for the LRC’s library. In the photo, Professor Lemmer is shown with law student Takudzwanashe Chikoro, who works in the library when they need help with heavy lifting. The student’s story is the subject of another post to the blog.

Professor Lemmer is the Head of Information Services for the Ruth Lilly Law Library at IU McKinney. As part of the library’s administrative team, she supervises the public services division of the law library and participates in managing library operations. In addition to her administrative duties, she teaches the second year legal research course; legal research in the first year LARC classes, and in the LL.M. program-American Law for Foreign Lawyers.

Readers can keep up with Professor Lemmer’s adventure through her blog and via Twitter @catherine.lemmer.

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