New York Times Discusses Paper Co-Authored by IU McKinney Professor Warning of Lawsuits over 3-D Printing


Gerard MaglioccaA paper co-authored by Professor Gerard Magliocca of the IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law warns of the lawsuits to come as a result of 3-D printing technology. An article, titled “Beyond 3-D Printers’ Magic, Possible Legal Wrangling” by reporter Phyllis Korkki, was published November 23 in The New York Times.

Professor Magliocca co-authored the paper, titled “Patents, Meet Napster: 3D Printing and the Digitization of Things” with Associate Professor Deven Desai of Thomas Jefferson School of Law. It will be published in the Georgetown Law Journal early next year. The pair liken the 3-D printing process and its potential to do for objects what MP3 files did for music. The technology will force firms to rethink their business practices, as well as force courts to reexamine patent doctrine, the paper says. The time to do both of those things is now, the authors say.

Professor Magliocca is a Samuel R. Rosen Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Research. In addition to several books, he has written over 20 articles on constitutional law and intellectual property. He teaches torts, constitutional law, intellectual property, legal history, and admiralty law.


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