IU McKinney to Launch Mentor Program for J.D., LL.M. Students


The International Law Society and the Master of Laws Association at IU McKinney have joined together to establish a mentor program for J.D. and LL.M. students.

Guidelines are being set up so students will know what to expect from the program, said Karen Bravo, Associate Dean for International Affairs. Interested students also will fill out paperwork so that a student’s interest can be matched with those of a mentor.

“We hope this will be another way for our students to learn outside the classroom,” Bravo said. “It also will serve as another way to integrate our LL.M. students into the law school.”

Many may recall a similar program at IU McKinney for J.D. and LL.M. students from roughly 10 years ago. Perfecto ‘Boyet' Caparas, Graduate Studies Program Manager, recalls what that program meant to him. He was a mentee during his LL.M. studies in 2004-2005, and served as a mentor in 2007.

“It was heartwarming to receive emails from my mentors, because they’re directed to you at a personal level,” Caparas said. “To appreciate what I’m relating, you’ll need to understand where an international student is coming from. That is, from a different sociocultural, academic, linguistic, and legal environment. The lack of familiarity with all this, how to fit in, how to adapt, not to mention all the academic rigors, can pose a really big challenge.”

Alumni interested in participating should watch the IU McKinney website – mckinneylaw.iu.edu – for more details.

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