Professor Shawn Boyne One of Four Scholars Behind Launch of Comparative Law Blog


Professor Shawn BoyneProfessor Shawn Boyne has teamed up with three other legal scholars to launch the Comparative Law Blog. The inaugural post was made February 16.

Pointing to the globalization of legal education, Professor Boyne writes that now is an ideal time to launch a blog on this topic. Many nations are struggling to cope with the depressed world economy and the gap between rich and poor, as well as technological developments that help people connect while at the same time make their personal information vulnerable.

“In all of these areas,” Boyne writes, “comparative legal scholars have the ability to highlight the role that a nation's legal system and laws play in shaping how these changes affect states, societies, and citizens.”

Joining Boyne on the blog are Monica Eppinger of St. Louis University School of Law, Lissa Griffin of Pace Law School, and Shitong Qiao of New York University Law School

Professor Boyne is the chair of the law school's Global Crisis Leadership Forum, which aims to hone law students' leadership skills. She also is a Dean’s Fellow and a DRIVE Fellow. Her latest book, The German Prosecution Service: Guardians of the Law?, was published in 2013 by Springer Publishing.

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