New York Times Profiles Indianapolis as a Travel Destination


In a story titled “Indianapolis, a Bike Path to Progress,” the New York Times for the second time this year has chronicled the Indiana capital as a tourist destination.

The article, published March 4, highlights the city’s bike paths and the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, which connect every major downtown entertainment and cultural destination in the city. The story also notes the great finds in Fountain Square and along Mass Ave.

In January, NYT listed Indianapolis as one of the 52 places to go in 2014. That story focused primarily on the city’s bike paths, as well.

The NYT isn’t the only media outlet that’s noted what a great place Indianapolis is to visit, and to call home. A story in the March 18 edition of The Indianapolis Star notes that the website Livability.com has ranked Indianapolis at Number Three in its list of the ten best downtowns. The city topped a list of most affordable cities for yuppies compiled by Locality.com, among other listings mentioned in the story.

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