Professor Shawn Boyne Appointed to Scholarship Advisory Group of YCC


Professor Shawn BoyneProfessor Shawn Boyne has been appointed to the Scholarship Advisory Group of the Younger Comparativists Committee (YCC) of the American Society of Comparative Law. The five-person Advisory Group plays a key role in identifying emerging scholars in the field of comparative law as the body selects the top YCC submissions to the annual meeting of the Society of Comparative Law. Twice a year, the group also distributes a list of new comparative law scholarship by scholars who possess less than 10 years of experience in the field. Other members of the committee include: David Landau of Florida State, who will chair the group; Neha Jain of Minnesota; Christopher Brunner of Washington & Lee; and Aparna Polavarapu of South Carolina.

Professor Boyne teaches a seminar in Comparative National Security Law at IU McKinney and serves as co-chair of the Global Crisis Leadership Forum. She is one of the founding members of the Comparative Law Professors blog.


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