IU McKinney Student Receives Scholarship for Graduate Tax Law Program at NYU


Shea ThompsonShea Thompson, a 3L day student at IU McKinney, has received a Tax Law Review scholarship for New York University’s Graduate Tax Program. The Tax Law Review is one of the few faculty-run law reviews in the country. Each year, the review’s editor-in-chief, who is a full-time tax law professor, chooses eight entering students to serve as student editors for the publication.

“I did not know coming into law school that tax was something I wanted to pursue,” Thompson said. After taking an income tax class with Professor Larry Jegen, “it became clear to me that tax law was something that I wanted to pursue and I took as many tax classes as possible. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to explore tax law in depth in the Graduate Tax Program and to work with the Tax Law Review. I hope my time on there will help me with my goal of clerking for a judge on the United States Tax Court.”

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