IU McKinney Students Take Part in International Forum in Beijing


International Law Student Forum Beijing 2014The fifth annual International Forum for Law Students, with the theme “Law and Justice in a Globalized World,” was held at Renmin University of China Law School on May 24. The Forum was created in 2010 to provide a platform for law students to discuss legal issues important to them. The Forum consisted of four sessions: What Rules? The Regulation of Globalization; Criminal Justice under Globalization; Ethical Issues in Globalization; and National and Regional Interests in Globalization.

(Chinese Law Summer Program students from IU McKinney who took part in the forum, are, in the photo from left: Shi Meng, Michael Knight, Megan Smith, Casey Seaton, Victoria Hedin, Nicholas Hall, Amanda Hill, Jordan Lorenzo, and Professor Tom Wilson.)

A total of 17 students were selected to make presentations, four of which were from IU McKinney:

  • Victoria Hedin-- An Examination of Anti-Dumping and its Effects on the Market Place
  • Michael Knight-- Advances in Neuroimaging Technology and the Legal Implications for Criminal Proceedings: Where Are We Headed?
  • Megan Smith and Casey Seaton-- United States Immigration Reform: Economic and Ethical Considerations

Jordan Lorenzo and Nicholas Hall, also from IU McKinney, served as session chairs.

Two additional students enrolled in IU McKinney’s Chinese Law Summer Program made presentations: Amanda Hill of the University of Tennessee College of Law and Shi Meng of the University of Oklahoma College of Law.

Other presenters came from law schools in Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, Mongolia, South Africa, South Korea, and Switzerland.

Professor Tom Wilson is co-director of the annual Forum, along with Renmin University of China Law School professor Jiang Dong.

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