Professor Edwards Elected to 3 National Leadership Positions for Master of Laws Programs


Professor George E. Edwards was elected to three graduate and international legal education leadership positions within the Association of American Law Schools (AALS). These positions involve Master of Laws (LL.M.) and other graduate law programs at law schools across the U.S., and overseas.

First, Professor Edwards was elected president-elect of the AALS Section on Graduate Law Programs for Non-U.S. Lawyers. This section is involved with LL.M. programs for international students at over 140 law schools in the U.S. LL.M programs are the subject of Professor Edwards’ book, LL.M. Roadmap: An International Student’s Guide to U.S. Law School Programs. In 2014 Professor Edwards will be elevated to chair of the AALS Section on Graduate Programs for Non-U.S. Lawyers.

“I am excited to take on this leadership role in the very important section dealing with international students who come to the U.S. to study in our nation’s law schools,” Professor Edwards said. “This type of international legal education promotes human rights in the U.S. and in the students’ home countries, and plays a critical role in international relations, diplomacy and global peace and security initiatives.”

Second, Professor Edwards was elected secretary of the AALS Section on Post-Graduate Legal Education. This section deals with both U.S. and non-U.S. lawyers who are seeking LL.M., S.J.D. (Doctor of Juridical Sciences) or other advanced law degrees at U.S. law schools.

Third, Professor Edwards was elected president-elect of the AALS Section on International Legal Exchange, and will serve on the executive committee of that section. The section focuses on a wide range of international and transnational legal education initiatives, including LL.M. programs in the U.S. for international students. He will be elevated to chair of this Section in 2014 at the AALS annual meeting in New York.

Professor Edwards is the Carl M. Gray Professor of Law, and the founding director of the Program in International Human Rights Law. Also, he was the founding director of the LL.M Track in International Human Rights Law at IU McKinney and directed that track until 2011.

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