Professor Diana Winters Comments for National Public Radio on POM Wonderful Case


Professor Diana WintersProfessor Diana Winters talked with National Public Radio reporter Nina Totenberg on June 12 for a story about the United States Supreme Court decision in the case POM Wonderful v. Coca-Cola, which allows POM’s suit to go forward, alleging unfair competition from false or misleading product descriptions on food and beverage labels regulated by the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act.

POM sued Coca-Cola under the claim it was losing sales because the advertising for Coke’s Minute Maid pomegranate-blueberry drink mislead consumers into believing they were getting a drink made primarily from pomegranate and blueberry juices, when the Coke brand was actually more than 99 percent apple and grape juices, which are cheaper.

“I don’t know whether it will change the landscape of labeling,” Professor Winters said in the story. “I think food companies will have to look more closely at their labeling now.”

Professor Winters is an Associate Professor of Law and a Dean’s Fellow. She teaches torts, introduction to health law and policy, environmental law, and food and drug law. She joined the faculty at IU McKinney in 2012.

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