IP Center Announces Recipients of 2014 IP Student Awards and Graduate Certificates in Intellectual Property Law


The IP Center has announced its 2014 student award recipients and the names of those students who earned the graduate certificate in Intellectual Property Law.

2014 Jan Jancin Nominee
Since 2011, the Robert H. McKinney School of Law Center for Intellectual Property Law and Innovation has nominated its most outstanding IP student for awards in The American Intellectual Property Law Education Foundation’s Jan Jancin Competition.   The Jan Jancin Competition includes two separate awards offered to law students nominated by their schools who have excelled in the study of intellectual property law.
The IP Center is pleased to announce IU McKinney’s Jan Jancin nominee for 2014 is Reid Dodge.

2014 IP Center Student Awards
The IP center is also pleased to announce that the winners of the 2013-14 IP Center Student Awards.
Outstanding Graduating IP Student: This $1,000  award recognizes our most outstanding graduating IP student who has exemplified excellence in intellectual property law studies and has made important contributions to the IP Center and IP law.  
The 2014 Outstanding Graduating IP Student is Caitlin Brandon.

Outstanding 2L IP Student: This $500 award recognizes our most promising IP student in the student’s penultimate year of studies.
The 2014 Outstanding 2L IP Student is Reid Dodge.

Outstanding IP Advocate: This $250 award recognizes the most outstanding IP Moot Court Advocate, selected from a team competing in IP Moot Court Competitions (including, but not limited to,  the AIPLA Giles Sutherland Rich Moot Court Competition and the Saul Lefkowitz Moot Court Competition).
The 2014 Outstanding IP Advocate is Audrey Wessel.

Outstanding IP Scholarship: This $250 award recognizes the most outstanding work of scholarship by an IP student published or selected for publication since the close of the prior academic year.
Reid Dodge is the winner of the 2014 Outstanding IP Scholarship Award, for his Note titled "Reasonable Royalty Patent Infringement Damages: A Proposal for More Predictable, Reliable, and Reviewable Standards of Admissibility and Proof for Determining a Reasonable Royalty," which will be published in the Indiana Law Review next year.
Congratulations to these students for exemplifying excellence in the study of IP law and their contributions to the IP Center and IP law.

Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law
Given the increasing importance of intellectual property to society, IP issues are ubiquitous throughout the legal world.   Indeed, intellectual property law is the lifeblood of many of society’s most important industries, institutions, and endeavors.  Accordingly, intellectual property law continues to grow and evolve, incentivizing what will become the breakthrough technologies of the future.   This dynamic area of the law requires highly trained lawyers who combine in depth doctrinal understanding of complex legal issues with practical skill sets, enabling them to use the means of IP law to effectuate its grand ends, such as promoting the progress of science and useful arts.  IU McKinney has an extensive IP curriculum, taught by full time faculty as well as adjunct professors, a group of world class IP practitioners with extensive experience and highly focused expertise, providing our IP students with education on current cutting edge intellectual property issues.

The Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law was established to serve as a gateway for students wishing to work in the rapidly-expanding and increasingly important fields of patent, trademark, copyright, and right of publicity law,  as well as related disciplines. Students who have satisfied the Certificate’s rigorous requirements possess a sound theoretical foundation in the fundamental doctrinal areas of IP law and an understanding of the practical application of the law to the real world legal issues actually confronting practicing lawyers and in house counsel in contemporary society.

The IP Center is proud to announce the first recipients of the Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law.

2014 Graduates Receiving the Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law:

  • Dan M. Duval
  • Kyle A. Forgue
  • Robert Joseph Goode III
  • Sarah P. Harrell
  • Justin Kuhn
  • Derek B. Lavender
  • Catherine Ann Nichols
  • Jiho Park
  • Brittany Sarah Smith
  • Jennifer T. Smith
  • Elizabeth Vincent

Congratulations to all of these students for completing the rigorous requirements of the Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law.

Additional information about the IP Center Awards and the IP Graduate Certificate may be found on the IP Center’s homepage.


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