Professor Boyne to Present Work in France, Germany, and Austria during July


Professor Shawn BoyneProfessor Shawn Boyne will be presenting three papers during July in venues throughout Europe. Her first stop will be Germany, where she is slated to present her new book, The German Prosecution Service (Springer 2014) at Giessen University, the University of Hannover, as well as the University of Köln. Her next stop will be the Juris Diversitas Conference in Aix-en-Provence, France, from July 17-19, where she will present her work-in-progress titled, "Law, Change, and Organizational Theory." Finally, she will present the U.S. report on recent developments regarding whistle-blowing law at the 19th International Congress of Comparative Law, which will take place in Vienna, Austria, July 20-26.

Professor Boyne is a former prosecuting attorney and practiced for several years as a defense attorney before pursuing her career in academia. She is a scholar of comparative law who has previously presented her work at Yale University, the University of Virginia, and Washington & Lee's School of Law, as well as in Austria, Germany, and England. Professor Boyne teaches a seminar in Comparative National Security Law at IU McKinney and serves as co-chair of the Global Crisis Leadership Forum. She is one of the founding members of the Comparative Law Professors blog.

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