IU McKinney SJD Alumnus to Teach in Tunisia in August


IU McKinney Adjunct Professor Mohamed ArafaMohamad Arafa, S.J.D. ’13, has been invited to teach a summer course in Tunisia August 4 through 16 titled "Summer School on Arab Spring Transitions: Elections and Citizenship." The course will be offered at the University of Sousse Faculty of Law and Political Science in cooperation with the University of Groningen in Netherlands School of Political Science.

The course will discuss the rapid political transformations that have swept across the Middle East and North Africa and have brought about myriad challenges for transitional governments, including the ability to hold free and fair elections. Elections have played a pivotal role in establishing the trajectories of Arab Spring transitions, while electoral participation, active citizenship, elections have proven crucial to both the legitimacy of transitional governments and establishing enduring governing institutions at the local and national levels.

Arafa is an assistant professor of criminal law and criminal justice at Alexandria University Faculty of Law in Egypt. He will teach Islamic law as an adjunct professor at IU McKinney in Spring 2015.

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