IU McKinney Ranks 22nd on "Best Choice Schools" List of Most Impressive Buildings in the World


IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law's Inlow HallThe Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law comes in at number 22 on the website “Best Choice Schools” in their listing of “The 50 Most Impressive Law School Buildings in the World.”

Of the law school buildings on the list, 38 were in the United States, and five were in the Midwest. Among all of the buildings in the U.S., IU McKinney’s building, Lawrence W. Inlow Hall, ranked 13, and among those in the Midwest, the law school came in at number three.

“Our goal in planning Inlow Hall was to have a building that was ultra-modern while still reflecting the law’s majesty,” said IU McKinney Dean Emeritus Norman Lefstein. Lefstein was dean during the fundraising, planning, and construction of Inlow Hall, which opened in 2001. “And we also wanted a facility that would be extremely inviting for student learning but also one in which we could host a wide variety of events for the legal community. I have long believed that we succeeded well beyond our expectations, and the law school’s selection as one of the outstanding law school buildings in the world is proof of that assessment. Of course, Inlow Hall would not have been possible without the generous support of the school’s many alumni and friends to whom we continue to be exceedingly grateful.”

The story indicates that “these architectural giants were chosen for their ingenuity, aesthetic beauty, and commitment to creating an environment that honors the history and study of law” and notes that “these buildings house some of the world’s most prestigious and selective law programs.”

The story also points out that the building is a landmark on the IUPUI campus, and notes that the “building’s prominent glass structure offers outside views from all of the structure’s interior spaces.”

The use of glass and the abundance of natural light isn’t merely beautiful, said Student Bar Association President and 3L Laura Walker. “From my own experience spending countless hours in the building, the natural light in the classrooms and library reading room really creates a more positive learning environment and study experience. The Wynne Court Room and Atrium are also added bonuses to the already beautiful architecture.”

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