IU McKinney Student Wins New International IP Writing Competition


Pervin Taleyarkhan, a 2013 J.D. candidate at IU McKinney, has won first prize and $500 in the inaugural Pondering Intellectual Property Competition, an international writing contest.

Taleyarkhan’s paper, titled “Intellectual Property: Protecting the Intellect or the Property,” was part of the competition sponsored by the National University of Juridical Sciences, the Intellectual Property and Technology Society, and Spicy IP.

The topic for the competition was "Should the process of creating an invention or work determine its protectability as an intellectual property?" In her paper, Taleyarkhan argued that the process involved in the creation or invention stages should not determine a particular invention or work's protectability. In doing so, she analogized IP to Warren Buffet's investment philosophy: "Price is what you pay, value is what you get," which stresses the crucial difference between price of company stocks and the company's ultimate value. The link with IP is that the "price paid" is the process of arriving at an innovation, while the Buffet concept of "value" is how much society values a particular innovation. Taleyarkhan points out that the two are wildly different and thus one should not depend on the other.

The competition was judged by experts from around the world, including: Professor David Vaver of Osgoode Hall Law School; Professor Lionel Bently, director of the Centre for IP Law, University of Cambridge; Professor Graeme Dinwoodie, director of the Oxford Intellectual Property Research Center at the University of Oxford; Professor Shamnad Basheer, MHRD Chair Professor in IP law at the National University of Juridical Sciences, India; and Judge Randall R. Rader, chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

“I was truly honored by this, mainly because it is a field in which I am gaining ever-increasing interest,” Taleyarkhan said of the win. “It was encouraging to hear that my work in IP law is worthy of recognition on an international level. The judges included Judge Radar, Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC). I hear about the CAFC constantly in my IP courses so Judge Radar in particular is more like a celebrity to me. Again, it was truly an honor and I am pleased beyond measure that I could make IU McKinney proud.”

Taleyarkhan lives in Lafayette, and graduated in 2009 from Purdue University with a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering. Throughout her undergraduate studies, she worked as a student researcher, conducting studies in cardiovascular engineering under the mentorship of the late Professor Leslie A. Geddes, a pioneer in electrical/biomedical engineering and recipient of the National Medal of Technology in 2006.

Upon graduation, Taleyarkhan, who also is editor-in-chief of the Indiana Health Law Review , plans to work in IP either at a law firm or on her own, with a 10-year-goal of working in-house for a business. “ I enjoy being involved with a process/endeavor throughout its progression. Plus, I am fascinated with the inner workings and rapid decision-making processes that businesses have to make to stay afloat (and prosper), and would love nothing more than to be a part of that.”

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