Professor Cynthia Adams' New Book to Be Released in March 2013


Drafting Contracts in Legal English Lamenting the lack of a book for non-English speaking law students to assist with teaching contract drafting, Professor Cynthia Adams,’83, and her co-author, Professor Peter K. Cramer, decided to write one.

That book, Drafting Contracts in Legal English: Cross-Border Agreements Governed by U.S. Law, will be published in March 2013. Professor Adams is a clinical professor of law at IU McKinney who teaches contract drafting, legal analysis and communication, integrated contracts, civil procedure, trusts and estates, and legal process at the law school. Her co-author, Professor Cramer, is a non-native English speaker and a linguist. He also is assistant dean for graduate programs at Washington University in St. Louis.

“The language of business internationally increasingly is English,” Professor Adams says, “and knowledge of how to draft contracts in English is a skill that is highly in demand.” The first part of the new book details the pitfalls practitioners may fall into, while the second part of the book describes different kinds of provisions in contracts, with an international spin to them. Chapters outline preliminary drafting concerns, word choice and sentence structure, and the importance of clear and concise writing. The work also takes into account phrases that non-native English speakers may hear and not be familiar with and translates or explains as many of those as possible.

Professor Cramer, a native of Germany, has taught as an adjunct professor at IU McKinney’s program at the University of Cairo.

Professor Adams is known for her passion for teaching law students whose native language is not English. She most recently presented on the topics of drafting contracts for non-native English speakers, the methodology of clinical instruction, and academic writing strategies in Costa Rica, Kenya, and South Africa.

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