Professor Orentlicher Appears on CSPAN Discussing Latest Book


Professor David Orentlicher’s new book, Two Presidents are Better than One: The Case for a Bipartisan Executive Branch, was featured on CSPAN’s Book TV program in April. In the book, published in March by NYU Press, Professor Orentlicher analyzes the histories of other countries with a plural executive branch and shows past examples of bipartisan cooperation within Congress. He also illustrates how to implement a two-person, two-party presidency. Ultimately, Two Presidents Are Better Than One demonstrates the importance of constitutional reform to rebalance power between the executive and legislative branches and contain partisan conflict in Washington.

Professor Orentlicher is a Samuel R. Rosen Professor of Law, and co-director of the Hall Center for Law and Health. He served in the Indiana General Assembly as a member of the House of Representatives from 2002 through 2008.  Professor Orentlicher holds both a J.D. and M.D. from Harvard University. His other books include Matters of Life and Death (Princeton University Press), and the casebook (co-author) Health Care Law and Ethics, now in its 7th edition.

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