Certificate Now Available in Intellectual Property Law at IU McKinney


The Concentration in Intellectual Property Law, available since December 2012, is now offered as a certificate to students who meet the requirements.

“In the modern technological age, IP issues are ubiquitous throughout the legal world and IP law is the lifeblood of many of society’s most important industries,” said John Schaibley, III, executive director of the IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law Center for Intellectual Property and Innovation. “This dynamic area of the law requires highly trained lawyers who combine in-depth doctrinal understanding of complex legal issues with practical skill sets, enabling them to promote the progress of science and useful arts. The certificate in IP law will not only maximize students’ educational experiences as they navigate the fascinating field of IP law, it will also aid students seeking employment in IP and related areas, signaling to prospective employers that they have engaged in a rigorous course of IP studies.”

With over 20 courses, the IP curriculum combines history and theory with real-world challenges, focusing on practical issues of current and anticipated future importance for protection of IP rights. The Graduate Certificate in IP Law will aid students seeking employment in IP and related fields, representing the law school’s determination that the student has successfully completed a rigorous course of studies providing a sound foundation for practicing intellectual property law.

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