Concentration in Corporate and Commercial Law Now Offered at IU McKinney


Printed contract and penImmersing himself in every class and experiential learning opportunity related to commercial law led Matthew Olsen’ 13, to his goal of working for a large firm with an international presence.

At the time it was a "do-it-yourself Concentration in Corporate and Commercial Law," a concentration which is now being offered formally to IU McKinney students.

“The law faculty took a close look at the kind of expertise employers and clients were demanding and tailored this new concentration to meet that demand,” said Professor Max Huffman, who is overseeing the concentration. “Students who graduate having completed the corporate and commercial concentration will have established a basic grounding in a range of topics that are essential in business representations and should also have developed deeper expertise in one or more of those areas through advanced coursework, experiential learning and independent research pursuits. The concentration’s stringent GPA requirement further ensures that those graduates will be prepared intellectually for the most demanding of careers.”

It is one of several concentrations and certificates offered at IU McKinney, which provide students an opportunity to demonstrate to potential employers that they have focused their studies on their area of interest and achieved a level of excellence.

Olsen was interested in a summer associate position with a large firm in 2012, but was overlooked at the time.

“Instead of dwelling on my lack of success, I focused on making myself more marketable,” Olsen said. He was already working as a paralegal at Doyle Legal Corporation, which focuses on real estate law. “I decided to specialize by gaining as much knowledge and experiential learning as I could in the real estate field. My goal was to take any class that had a commercial law component.” He also secured an externship with Eli Lilly and Company working with the legal transactions team. “I was taking a full course load, working at Doyle Legal, and completing an externship with Eli Lilly,” he said. “Being so engrossed in the law, both transactional and litigation, was invaluable when I later began interviewing with larger firms for employment following graduation.” Olsen will begin his career at Faegre Baker Daniels in the Construction and Real Estate Litigation department after completing the bar exam in July 2013.

Plans are currently underway for the concentration to be made into a certificate.

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