IU McKinney Student Wins AABANY Student Note Competition


Daniel Bowman, a December 2013 J.D. candidate, won the AABANY Law Review nationwide competition for student notes. Bowman’s note, titled “Justifying Disparate Impact: Why a Discriminatory Effect Standard is Essential to the Fair Housing Act,” will be published in the Fall 2013 issue, and he will receive a cash prize of $300. The law review was founded in 2011 and is operated under the auspices of the Asian American Bar Association of New York.

Bowman began writing his winning note during Summer 2012 for Professor Florence Wagman Roisman’s housing discrimination course. At that time, the United States Supreme Court had granted a petition for certiorari in a case that challenged whether the Fair Housing Act (FHA) permits disparate impact claims and in his paper Bowman analyzes the FHA’s history and purpose, as well as compares and contrasts the FHA with Title VII.

“Courts have long interpreted the FHA based on Title VII case law because the two statutes use similar wording, were passed only four years apart (Title VII in 1964, FHA in 1968), and have substantially similar purposes,” Bowman said. “Based on this analysis, I conclude that striking disparate impact from the FHA would thwart Congress’s intent and would deal a major blow to continuing civil rights struggle in the United States.”

Bowman began as a day student in Fall 2010, then took a full-time job as a law clerk with the State Public Defender’s office during his 2L year and switched to the evening program. He plans to finish his six remaining credit hours during the Fall 2013 semester and graduate in December.

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