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IU McKinney Grad Mark Shaw, '72, Publishes Book on Kennedy Assassination


Mark ShawMark Shaw, ’72, recently published his 25th book, The Poison Patriarch: How the Betrayals of Joseph P. Kennedy Caused the Assassination of JFK.

In the book, Shaw examines the question of who is responsible for the death of the president and finds a trail that leads to the head of the family, Joseph P. Kennedy. Shaw’s research includes more than 40 interviews with eyewitnesses to those events in Dallas 50 years ago.

Shaw’s background includes six years as a criminal defense attorney in Indiana. He also practiced entertainment law in Los Angeles and Indianapolis. He moved to Aspen, Colorado, in the late 1970s, and co-founded the Aspen Daily News. Shaw also became a correspondent for the morning television show, “Good Morning America” during this time.

In 2008, he earned a master’s degree in theological studies from the San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, California, with a specialized interest in spiritual conversion and religious art. Shaw remains a member of the bar in California and Indiana. He also is a legal analyst for ABC, ESPN, and USA Today.

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