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IU McKinney Professor Writes about Advocacy on behalf of Victims of Wage Theft


Fran QuigleyIU McKinney Professor Fran Quigley published a column in the November 18 issue of the Indianapolis Star on metro area advocates working on behalf of those who have been the victims of wage theft.

Titled “Local center advocating for victims of wage theft,” the column explains how wage-earners are taken advantage of by employers, and how they are fighting back against such abuse.

The problem can be seen nationwide, Professor Quigley notes. “A survey by the National Employment Law Project showed that 1 in 4 low-wage workers had been paid less than the minimum wage, and 3 of 4 had been cheated of overtime pay,” he notes in the column.

Professor Quigley is a clinical professor of law and teaches in the Health and Human Rights Clinic. His forthcoming book, How Human Rights Can Build Haiti: The Lawyers, the Activists, and the Grassroots Movement, will be published by Vanderbilt University Press in 2014.

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