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Books and Beaches Subject of Professor Lemmer's Latest Blog Posts


A trip to the beach and another to an independent bookstore are recent subjects of Library Professor Catherine Lemmer’s blog “Right Angle Resume.”

In the most recent post, she writes of a Saturday trip she made to Durban, the second largest city in South Africa. Durban is on the coast of the Mozambique Channel/Indian Ocean, and she shares photos from the trip depicting the beauty she found there.

In the post immediately prior to the one about the beach trip, she writes about a pair of independent bookstores she found: “Love Books” and “Ike’s Books & Collectibles.” Ike’s opened in 1988 and “was a meeting point for many activists during the anti-apartheid struggle,” Professor Lemmer wrote.

Professor Lemmer recounts the outings, which are breaks from her work at the Legal Resource Center (LRC) in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, where Professor Lemmer is working on a six-month assignment as a Senior Library Fellow. She is working to modernize LRC’s libraries, organize the collections, and procure the technology lawyers get accustomed to using in law school and require for practicing law.

Professor Lemmer is the Head of Information Services for the Ruth Lilly Law Library at IU McKinney. As part of the library’s administrative team, she supervises the public services division of the law library and participates in managing library operations. In addition to her administrative duties, she teaches the second year legal research course; legal research in the first year LARC classes, and in the LL.M. program-American Law for Foreign Lawyers.

Readers can keep up with Professor Lemmer’s adventure through her blog and via Twitter @catherine.lemmer.

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