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IU McKinney 3L's Study Break Leads to Good Deed


Grant KirshIt’s a sad story, but instead of merely feeling bad about it, Grant Kirsh decided to do something.

Kirsh, a 3L day student at the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, was watching the news during a study break for final exams on December 17 and saw a story about Cecil Williams. Williams is a 61-year-old blind man who fainted and fell into the tracks at a subway station in Harlem. The man’s guide dog, a black Labrador named Orlando, started barking and jumped onto the tracks to try and help Williams, but a train was coming. Williams held the dog as the train passed over them. Williams suffered a cut to his head and some bruises, and Orlando was uninjured.

The story went on to reveal that because Orlando is turning 11 years old next month, he’s being forced to retire and Williams’ insurance will not cover the cost of caring for Orlando and a new guide dog.

That’s when Kirsh, a dog lover from a family of dog lovers, decided to turn to indiegogo, a crowd-source funding site. Kirsh started an account, and the next day was within a couple thousand dollars of the $50,000 goal. The money is for Williams to get to keep Orlando and care for him.

“I just saw an opportunity to do something and ran with it,” Kirsh said. He tweeted so much about it, and those tweets were retweeted so frequently, that by 8:30 a.m. on December 18, he’d hit his limit for Twitter for the day.

Kirsh’s two dogs include a German short-haired pointer, Daisy, whom he found during a trip he made to Valparaiso. Daisy was homeless.

“She was a mess,” he said, describing a dog covered in ticks and who needed a vet visit in the worst way. “But she’s a great dog now.” He later took in India, whom he describes as “a nice dog” when asked about her breed type, after a cousin passed away.

Kirsh is a Carmel, Indiana, native, who worked in commercial real estate for seven years before attending law school. His father, Steven Kirsh, ’79, and uncle Joel Kirsh, ’84, practice at their adoption firm Kirsh & Kirsh. He’s planning to join the family practice after graduation, and yes, dogs are welcome in the office!

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