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Professor Edwards Presents at National Bar Association Meeting in Morocco


Professor Edwards in Morocco for National Bar Association ConferenceProfessor George Edwards presented at the National Bar Association (NBA) Judicial Council Mid-Winter Conference in Marrakech, Morocco. Edwards spoke about international human rights law, international legal education, diplomacy, and the rule of law in the United States, in Morocco and around the globe.

The attendees for the week-long event, January 18 through 25, were mostly judges. The meetings got under way in Rabat, Morocco, and then shifted to Marrakech.

(Pictured above from left are Kim Keenan, General Counsel of the NAACP; Lakeila Stemmons, Deputy Chief of Staff to NBA President Patricia Rosier; Justice Jilali Ben Dijour, Morocco Court of Cassation, former; Professor Edwards; Justice Brahim Zaim, Morocco Court of Cassation, President of the Chamber; Justice Mohammed El Ayoubi, Morocco Court of Cassation; and Professor Dr. Mohammed Ayat, Special Advisor to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, and professor at Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco.)

Professor Edwards lectured on how international law is incorporated into the domestic law in the United States, Morocco and other countries. He also addressed how international legal education and international legal exchanges promote diplomacy, peace, security and human rights. Professor Edwards highlighted the benefits to both sending and host nations when legal professionals from one country earn LL.M. and other law degrees in another country, and how these opportunities further significant goals of legal institutions, including the judiciary. The title of Professor Edwards’ presentation was International “International Legal Education & Exchanges for Judges & Lawyers: The Role of International Law, Diplomacy & the Rule of Law in Promoting Global Human Rights.”

Professor Edwards is the author of LL.M. Roadmap: An International Student¬ís Guide to U.S. Law School Programs, a resource for LL.M. students, graduates, and applicants around the globe.

Professor Edwards is the Carl M. Gray Professor of Law at IU McKinney, and the founding director of the Program in International Human Rights Law.

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